Covid-19 Measures



We want to give you the best experience possible, but as we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, we are following the Government's advice in order to keep you, our staff and all of our families safe. 


First and foremost, please contact us to cancel your appointment should you or your guest experience any symptoms related to COVID-19 in the weeks lead up to your appointment (in line with government advised timescales) including a fever, cough, loss of smell or taste etc. We cannot take the risk of spreading the infection and will be more than happy to re-arrange your booking.


The below measures must be followed during your appointment and will be in place for the foreseeable future:




Please be timely when coming to, and leaving your appointment as we will have to sanitise the studio prior to and after your booking. During this time, the cabin opposite the studio that is usually used as a waiting area will be closed, so we will need you to wait in your car/outside your car if it is hot and we will be collecting guests from the driveway once everything has been cleaned from the previous customers appointment and you can come in. 




Before entering the studio, we will require you to sanitise your hands thoroughly with our antibacterial liquid. We will ask you to sanitise them throughout the appointment and before you leave as well. 


All staff and guests will need to wear masks for the duration of the appointment (a good look with a wedding dress, we know!) 


Masks will be placed in a box outside the door alongside the sanitiser and are to be put on before entering. Masks will be provided by Love in Lace but you are encouraged to bring your own masks if you have these at home. Ours are disposable paper masks that provide very basic protection. 


On leaving your appointment there will be a bin by the gate and you can drop your masks into here. 


We will not be able to carry out your appointment if you do not wish to comply to wearing the personal protection. 


Between appointments we will be sanitising the dresses and key touch points in The Studio. We are lucky enough to have a large dressing room and the door to this will be left open for the duration of the booking to minimise contact with door handles (your guest will not be able to see you from the main showroom). If you need to use the toilet, we will clean this after use and will provide paper towels to dry your hands.


Please note that you will not be required to touch a terminal if you are paying for a dress or an accessory as payments are made through our SquareUp system via an invoice that is emailed to you.






To stop the spread of germs we are only allowing each bride to bring one guest with them, we are not allowing children in the studio at all. During the course of the appointment we will be maintaining at least a 2m distance from each other where possible and if you are from different households we will advise that you do the same too. As you will be unable to bring additional guests to your appointment, we encourage you to Facetime your nearest and dearest, but please arrange this beforehand so we do not lose out on precious dress trying on time! 


Once brides have changed into the wedding dress of their choice, we will help fasten it from behind to avoid close facial contact, unless you would like your special guest to help you into your dress instead. We will be wearing gloves for this part of the appointment & during taking measurements.


We also ask that only the Stylists are the only people that touch the dresses and accessories to stop the potential spread of germs until you have chosen your selection and you get dressed into them, and at this point you will come into contact with the dresses and accessories too. We ask that your guest does not touch the dresses and accessories at all. 


Dresses are limited to 5 per STANDARD APPOINTMENT and 6 per VIP APPOINTMENT. We will be using an antibacterial spray on dresses between appointments and steaming them where possible. We advise you to get an idea on the dresses you'd like to try on prior to your appointment. All of our dresses are shown on our website so please take a look beforehand.  




We will not be serving sweets, but can serve pre-poured drinks in plastic cups and champagne flutes for the VIP guests


We know that this is not how you planned your shopping experience to be, but we have been working with bridal stores around the UK on how we can open as safely as possible and are confident with our approach. Despite the key measures we have put in place, we still endeavour to ensure you have a wonderful experience and we hope that by the time you come to collect your dresses, normality has resumed and you can bring your bride tribe along for the ride! 

All of the measures above will be updated as new Government guidelines are published.


Thank you very much in advance for protecting each other, us and our families.

Claire & Team LIL  x