Covid-19 Measures




Covid Measures - Updated March 2022

We want to give you the best experience possible, but we are still taking a number of small precautions to ensure that we keep you, our staff and our families safe.

First and foremost, please contact us to cancel your appointment should you or your guests test positive for Covid. We will be more than happy to re-arrange your booking. We are a small business, and regardless of the new government guidelines on isolating, we would have to close our shop should one of our small team catch the virus as we are in close physical contact with Brides during their appointments in the changing room etc and do not want to pass anything on to future guests. 


Masks are no longer compulsory during your appointment, however please do let us know if you or any of your guests are vulnerable and we will all comply with the strictest Covid secure measures so everyone feels as comfortable as possible.


Our policy regarding guest numbers is Bride + 3 guests. Please do not contact us to ask if you can bring extra guests as we cannot accommodate more people in The Studio. 

During the course of the appointment we will ask that guests remain seated on the viewing sofa so that we can maintain an element of social distancing. Please bear in mind that on days that we are fully booked we might see up to 30 people in The Studio a day so taking precautions including capping guest numbers and keeping our distance from our brides guests who are on the sofa are small things we are putting in place that could potentially prevent our business from having to temporarily close and keep our members of staff healthy and safe. 

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding. 

Team LIL  x