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Our most premium collection - Launching January 2022

A note from the designer - 

We are the competitive, dynamic and diverse bridal fashion brand for those looking to stand out from the traditional Chantilly-clang masses.

No matter what your personal style, Jeannelle l’Amour bridal is driving the bridal conversation, offering innovative twists on the traditional staples we've grown accustomed to.

We are the woman who dares to dream, who will risk looking like a fool for love, for the adventure of being alive, who chooses to be reckless in her passion and progressive in her beliefs. We are the extraordinary, the unmatched, the once-in-a-lifetime bride.

We are Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal. Now lets get married!



Stocking from mid December - Quinn - Forest - Harper - Georgia - Violet - Ivy Chiffon Skirt

Price Range: £2,895 - £3,195

Location: South Africa