A spotlight on bridal hair and makeup with artist Storme

What research should brides do before finding their makeup and hairstylist for their wedding?

I would say that brides should do their research and find a suitable artist for THEM. Every artist has a particular style and its best to find an artist that is strong at the look that they wish to achieve on their wedding day. I would also say that only look at doing your bridal trial and deciding a hair and makeup look once you have gotten your wedding dress. Your dress often dictates what would be best for your hairstyle and look and you want them to marry well as an overall bridal look. 


How do you decide on a look with your brides? Do your clients show you their dresses and talk you through the feel of their day?

Yes, I think looking at the dress that a bride has chosen creates a starting point for their vision for their hair and makeup. I ask how they feel comfortable wearing their hair and makeup and we see what style dress they have chosen and we go from there. If the dress is very detailed at the top - the best option may be to have the hair up as to not hide any of the beautiful detail. If its a very elegant and structured dress, then perhaps a Hollywood wave or polished hairstyle would suit better. For makeup, we want the look to last and be true to the brides esthetic and feel comfortable. Creating the perfect balance of the bridal makeup making our brides look radiant and beautiful in person and on camera.


What is trending at the moment in hair and makeup?

Trends are forever changing but I definitely get asked to do more relaxed boho chic styles for hair and my clients tend to ask for naturally enhancing radiant makeup. 

I think hair and makeup is very personal and one really does want brides to feel comfortable and confident in their bridal look. We never try to make clients look very different, but the best version of themselves. So I often advise that keeping up with trends may not be the best as this may 'date' the look in years to come. I would opt for a timeless and most flattering hair and makeup that suits them. Therefore each client gets their own bespoke look created. 

Where do you get your inspiration from for creating new looks and keeping your styling fresh?

We as artists are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and techniques to be able to offer the best services to our clients. We do several training and workshops throughout the year. We gain inspiration from Pinterest and Wedding blogs. Myself and my team love to keep well informed and we hold creative days to practice new skills and trends to perfect for our brides. We also make sure we are satisfied with the new products that we put into our kit, which inspire looks and can be quite trend-based too. And lastly, we are inspired by our clients' look and wedding they are going for.



Which accessories do you love to work with? (Ie hair vines.. hair bands etc)

I LOVE any and all accessories as I really feel that they finish a look off. I would say I use beautiful decorative pins mostly as they are the most versatile for different hair looks. However, at the moment I absolutely adore the beautiful hair bands that are trending.

What do you love most about your job?

I am honoured to be invited into such a special and intimate morning where I get to pamper the bride and bridal party. It's incredibly special to make someone feel beautiful and confident and all the more excited on their big day. My favourite moment is when I have completed the look and hand a mirror to the bride to see their final look and they are just beaming with joy and excitement. Complete job satisfaction! 


What advice would you give brides ahead of their big day? 

I would advise brides to be to definitely hire a professional hair and makeup artist as this just takes the stress away in the morning. You get to be pampered and everything is in controlled and there is a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I think eliminating anything that may stress you out on your wedding morning is essential. You want the start of your day to be smooth sailing and memorable for all the right reasons.


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