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Congratulations on tying the knot!...

How did he propose?

We were working at Alexandra Palace at the Vegan Life Live event with our company Do No Harm Apparel – I think the ring was burning a hole in his pocket as he had just picked it up and was due to travel back to Sweden and leave me working in the UK for 3 months and he wanted to ask me before he left. So whilst we were working with lots of customers around us he had been to one of the vegan bakeries and brought back a vegan chocolate cake, he was insistent that I try this cake, despite being rushed off my feet working. I kept saying no I will have some later, if you want some just go ahead, but he insisted I try it first. So I opened up the box and on this big chocolate cake was a flower and in the flower was my ring, and there he was on one knee asking me to marry him. We got lots of applause from customers and a little tear from me. And of course I said yes and then obviously ate the cake!

How was your experience when shopping for your wedding dress?

I had already been to lots of boutiques and tried on lots of designers I thought I loved but had not had 'the moment'.'I was getting really frustrated and disheartened. I by chance found Love in Lace Bridal on Instagram and they had dresses from designers I had never seen before despite my hours of scrolling through Pinterest. I knew I had to visit. And I am so please that I did! Claire is amazing, she made my whole experience perfect. The boutique is gorgeous, filled with dream dresses from exquisite designers. I had an absolute blast. Claire is so good at knowing what will suit you and gives lots of hints and tips on how you could tailor the dress with alterations and accessories to make it individual to you.

Did you have a ‘look’ in mind when searching for the perfect dress?

I knew I always wanted something a bit different, and thought I would go for something really boho. And I had in mind that I wanted something really out there but always in the back of my mind I was worried but what will I think in a few years time when I look back on the photos. So the dress I did eventually find was still very unique but in a classic way and once I put it on that was it. It suited my venue, it fit me perfectly, it was everything I wanted.

Tell us about your wedding day.. where did you get married and kind of style was your wedding?

We decided to have two ceremonies, one for the legal aspect and one as a celebration with our family and friends. The first legal marriage was always going to be an elopement style with no guests and was a secret. Instead of just choosing to go to a registry office we decided on having a contrast to our summer celebration that is due to happen near Barcelona, now postponed due to current circumstances until 2021, and had our wedding in the ice chapel in the very north of Sweden in the IceHotel.

We didn’t tell anyone except our photographer, Johanna Grzonka – Finn & The Fox Photography, who we had booked to shoot our Spanish wedding. She was so up for the experience so we arranged the whole thing in secret. The theme was always going to centre around the landscape of the ice and snow and with no guests invited it was simply about us a very intimate yet dramatic setting.

What were some of your favourite parts of the day and the most memorable?

Hair and makeup was so fun – my make up artist, Annika Ramström was local to Kiruna and is just so much fun. My poor fiancée had to sit with three women in a hotel room for a few hours just listening to us laugh and talk about hair & makeup.

The fact there was no pressure on us to feel nervous because there was nobody there meant walking down the aisle felt very natural and easy. Our photographer Hannah is hilarious and we all just clicked, we had lots of stories and fun things to talk about all day which made taking photographs less daunting and a fun experience.

One of my favourite memories has to be one of the best photo bombs – as we are standing on a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere having photographs taken, a dog sled appears crossing the lake, it did lead to one of the best photographs of the day! I don’t think anything could ever compare to getting married in a chapel completely made out of ice, I felt like Elsa from frozen a real princess moment. I highly recommend the venue – you will have one of the most memorable days of your life.

What advice would you give to brides planning their big day?

Decide the things that are the most important to you. Ours was that we are shy and nervous and we were really concerned about people watching us. So we decided to have two ceremonies one where it was just us so we could feel at ease and one where we can just celebrate our union and relax with our friends and family. Not suggesting that everyone does it the way we did, but if you want to elope do it, if you want a huge party have it, if you want an intimate gathering of close family and friends do that. This is your day and you will never have those moments again so make sure you do it all for you. Also, get a great photographer that you really connect with, this will mean you get great memories that you can look back on. Hannah was able to capture the day like a story, and we can remember the funny anecdotes and the cute moments just from looking at the photos.

Would you do anything differently if you could do it all again?

You can always think of things that didn’t work perfectly like for us it snowed and there was no sun, but if we had got married the day before when it was sunny then we wouldn’t have had those other special moments like the dog sled photo bomb. And in reality the day is perfect because it is a union of two people that have been longing to show the world what they mean to each other.

I wish I had visited Love in Lace Bridal sooner to save me trying on 50+ dresses but had I not done that maybe I would not have stumbled across them on social media and may never have found my perfect Madi Lane dress

Sum up your Love in Lace dress in 3 words?

Unique, elegant and perfect.

Dress: 'Harper' by Madi Lane Bridal

Photographer: @Finnandthefoxphotography

Seamstress: @MissKaySeamstress

Venue: @icehotelsweeden

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