Destination Weddings and Your Dress!

Destination weddings are growing in popularity and at Love in Lace we have no shortage of Brides tying the knot abroad in sunny, far away climates! From Sicily, to South Africa and The South of France to Australia, we can’t wait to see each and every one of them walk down the aisle in their chosen location!

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Why do we attract so many destination Brides? Well, it’s simple. We are a modern bridal store for the modern woman and we take pride in offering contemporary, ‘non-traditional’ wedding dresses and accessories that are often less cumbersome and heavy than more ‘typical’ gowns that may be worn at more formal weddings. Many of our beautiful gowns are lightweight and made out of fabrications including lace and crepe so they are easy to wear, and comfortable.

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One key thing to consider when choosing your dress for your destination wedding is weight and structure. The last thing you’d want is to be too hot and feel as if you’re dragging around metres of fabric at your nuptials, and that your movement is restricted in any way. We love for our brides to move freely and easily amongst their guests and feel as if they are wearing the dress, it is not wearing them! If temperatures are likely to soar beyond the mid twenties, perhaps sleeves are not ideal, and maybe that strappy, low back silhouette that you have been dreaming of is a great path to explore!

Have you thought about how you are transporting your dress? Many brides don’t want to be separated from their beloved dress, and could think of nothing worse than it heading into the luggage hold on the plane. So if it’s going in hand luggage do you need to buy a special carry case or can it simply be folded and bagged up securely? Most of our dresses do not warrant purchasing a huge carry case, and you should be able to make do with the latter!

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So what do you do once you have made it to the venue with your dress? TOP TIP- hang it up and steam it with a handheld steamer the day before. Fabrics such as crepe and satin are especially likely to crease and need a little steam to ensure that they look their absolute best. You may also have to steam your bridesmaids dresses too so maybe have a couple of these to hand!

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So which dresses do we recommend? Finding your dress is such a personal choice, but below we have given you some ideas on Love in Lace dresses that could be perfect for your big day. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful, comfortable, and ready to shine in front of all of your family and friends!

Number 1:

The Monte Carlo dress by Luna Willow Bridal. This dress features a strappy embellished bodice, low back and beautifully lightweight skirt with long train

Monte Carlo by Luna Willow Bridal

Number 2:

Gardenia by AlenaLeena Bridal - sleek, chic and minimalist with a flattering waistline and modern spaghetti straps.

Gardenia by AlenaLeena Bridal

Number 3:

India by Madi Lane is the boho dream! Intricate and unique lace, detachable sleeves and stretch lining. What's not to love!

India by Madi Lane Bridal

Number 4:

Aquarius by Vagabond Bridal may be a fuller skirt, but she's light and easy to move in. With the incredibly low back, and plunge neckline, you won't risk getting too hot in this beautiful dress.

Aquarius by Vagabond Bridal

Number 5:

Barcelona by Luna Willow Bridal is luxe lace and boho glam combined. Slim fit with a dramatic train and plunging back, brides will look glamorous yet relaxed sashaying their way down the aisle in this beauty!

Barcelona by Luna Willow Bridal

Claire x

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