Finding 'The One'

For this months blog, we decided to find out more about how our Brides find 'The One'. Our lovely Bride Tabby found her dress with us in May and can't wait until she can wear it for her wedding next Summer!

Which research did you do when you started looking for your wedding dress?

Pinterest, Pinterest and more Pinterest! The majority of my research was done by pinning my most loved pictures online, I quickly noticed a trend in the style of the dresses I had selected. I also watched about 100 episodes of 'Say Yes to the Dress' from the moment I got engaged, so I had a pretty good idea of which designer's dresses I wanted to try on. 

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Did you have an idea on the style of dress you wanted or thought you would suit?

There were two opposing styles I had in mind initially, a figure-framing dress and an A-line dress. I quickly narrowed my search to a contemporary, boho style. For me, it was important my dress offered something a little different.

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Did your venue have an impact on your bridal style? 

Absolutely! This was a major factor I considered when choosing my dress, I think it's important to maintain the styling throughout. My venue is set in the woodlands, so I wanted my dress to complement the surroundings. 

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Imade by CJ Williams

Did you shop around for you dress and who did you bring with you?

I booked two appointments. My second appointment was at Love in Lace. I bought my mum with me and my two sisters who are my Maids of Honour. I'm so glad I went to a more traditional shop first, it gave me a great comparison to the modern dresses at Love in Lace.

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How was your experience at Love in Lace?

My bridal party and I had the most incredible time at Love in Lace. On arrival, we were greeted by the wonderful owner Claire and welcomed with a glass of bubbles! The first impression I got walking into the boutique was magical. We had complete exclusivity of the luxurious boutique with its velvet sofas and rails of gorgeous gowns. Claire was professional and offered great advice. My experience was made extra special with the assistance of the designer of my dress who was on hand to offer styling tips! 

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How did you know when you’d found ‘The One’?

There is a famous saying "when you know, you know" and this really was the case for me. The first dress I selected to try on was the dress of my dreams - some might say it was love at first sight! I kept gravitating towards the dress and kept glancing over at it every time I tried a new one on. I quickly fell in love with it and when you don't want to take it off, you know it's "the one" for you. 

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With 387 days to go we are counting down each of these days until we can see Tabby in her gorgeous Love in Lace dress.

Everyone's journey to finding their dress is different but we hope you find it at Love in Lace!

Claire x

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