What to expect at your Love in Lace bridal appointment

Congratulations, you’re engaged! We can’t wait to meet you!

The first thing that will happen during your exclusive appointment at Love in Lace is that we will begin by having a chat with you about your wedding plans; what is the look and feel of your day, where you are going to marry and most importantly, how you feel about being a bride!

It is very normal to come to a bridal appointment feeling nervous, especially if you haven’t had any experience like this before. We can promise you that nothing will phase us, we just want to make you feel as comfortable with the appointment as possible, create special memories for you and your bridal party and most importantly, help to find you the one dress that makes you feel the most beautiful version of yourself.

We have time to try up to 8 wedding dresses (depending how long you chose to spend in each of them), and then we will re-visit your top 2 again towards the end of your 1.5 hours booking, with a veil too if you’d like! When we first start to browse the rails together, we often select more than this to take a closer look at, but as the appointment progresses we will learn more about your style and what you feel great in and we will whittle the selection down as we go.

Handy tips for making the most of your time

If you don’t know what shape you are after, we will try on some different necklines and skirt shapes to give you a flavour of the options we have, and see which way your taste is leaning. It’s very helpful if you have had a look at our Instagram and website to see all the styles we carry and come with some ideas, we will ask you lots of questions to get a picture of your personal style! We also suggest that you make sure you consider your budget vs our range of dresses. On our website, you can see what dresses range to and from per designer. Our dresses start around £1750 and go up to £3200. It is also good to know what you definitely don’t want to look at. We don’t want to waste your appointment showing you large tulle dresses if lots of fabric is everything that you didn’t imagine for your big day!

We encourage you to be open to some suggestions, and be prepared also to fall in love with the first dress you try on in the first appointment as there is no hard and fast rule about when you have to make a decision. Sometimes people are surprised to find a dress they love in their first appointment and feel that they should shop around for the sake of it, but this can confuse things and not make your search any easier. Quite often, it is the 'wildcard' dress that makes the

final cut so use our knowledge and expertise!

Some ‘thorny’ questions answered honestly!

1. Who do I bring with me? Bring a careful selection of guests to your appointment with you. You want to bring your biggest cheerleaders, the ones that will be honest with you but enthusiastic and understand your style. We think it is important that you tell everyone to let you give your opinion first, before they share theirs! It is YOU wearing your dress after all! We usually allow 3 guests per bride, and we wouldn't recommend bringing any more than this as too many voices and opinions can not only be chaotic, but confusing!

2. When should I start shopping? The answer is; when you are truly ready to buy. This needs to be on average 8-10 months (at a minimum before your wedding). Some of our designers can work miracles with a lead time of just a few months with but this is by no means guaranteed so if you want to choose from our full range of gowns & want to avoid extra rush delivery fees, don’t leave shopping too late!

3. How many shops do I visit? Don’t confuse yourself by trying on too many dresses, there will always be another gorgeous dress, but generally you can only wear one. Endless shopping and playing ‘dress up’ will very much dilute the experience for you. Unfollow all those other designers on social media when you have narrowed down your choices to one or two to help you to stay focused and excited!

4. What do I wear to my bridal appointment? We always recommend flesh coloured high waisted non-lace knickers with smooth lines that don’t cut across your stomach! This is particularly important if you think you want a fitted gown. If all you can see in the mirror is the line of your underwear, you may start to fixate on it, and lose sight of the dress you are in. You won’t need to wear your bra as all dresses have either built in structure or soft cups that offer some support, and don't worry about bringing shoes either!

The last piece in the puzzle & the exciting part… ordering your wedding dress!

So you’ve found the one! It is always such a special moment when we can all picture you in the dress you are going to wear when you tie the knot! The next step is for us to measure you and decipher which size from the designers size chart will be the best fit for you. Leave this to us, and don’t focus too much on the size that you are measuring, just trust that we will be ordering the size that is the best fit for you, despite whether it is your usual dress size or not.

Once we have taken you through your contract, we will then issue your 50% deposit in order to press the magic button and order your dress!

Some months later (to an agreed time frame) your dress will arrive safely with us, and we will be in touch with you to organise your collection & accessories appointment, if you’d like one of these.

When you try your dress on, we will talk you through the alterations that we suspect will be necessary in order to make it fit like a glove, so that you are more prepared for what might happen in your alterations appointments with your chosen seamstress.

We hope this short blog gives you a little insight into what your appointment will be like at Love in Lace. If you have more questions email us at We look forward to seeing you very soon!


Team Love in Lace x

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